Jackie Jones

Behind the Jackie
Jones Collection...

British-born Jackie Jones began her career as a jewelry designer after working in high-tech marketing in England and the US. Frustrated by a lack of bold and distinctive jewelry designs, Jackie quit the corporate world to pursue a lifelong passion of running her own creative business.

Inspiration for her designs comes mainly from being around gemstones: “When I see the combinations of different stones, the cuts and colors, the size and shapes - the creative juices start flowing and I see endless design possibilities.” Each unique piece of jewelry is a work of wearable art.

Ultimately, Jackie achieves her greatest satisfaction from the women who wear her jewelry. “I have always admired women who are not afraid to be bold and different - in their fashion style and the way they live their lives.”

Many high-end boutiques, gift stores, galleries and jewelry stores in the US carry Jackie’s line as well as stores in Italy, England, Japan, Canada, and Mexico.

Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor was a huge fan of Jackie’s necklaces and owned many pieces. Jackie’s jewelry was also chosen to accessorize the collection of leading fashion designer Sue Wong at several LA Fashion Weeks.